Thursday, June 18, 2009

Congratulations! your doodle has evolved.

What started out as a doodle while on the phone, dont know who i was talking to or what was going through me head for to be doodling a crocodile but how and ever. I decided to take the doodle and evolve it into a more finished drawing. Heres a few of the doodles i done to find the finished piece. There was heaps more little doodles done to but heres a few of the main doodles that dictated the final doodle.


  1. A "doodle" eh..? ;)
    The finished piece is amazing, and I love love love the sketch number 1, it's got really nice proportions and a great attitude!
    Keep it up my friend! More more!!!! :D

  2. deadly dude. nice one. I still think you should animate the bat some day you have time. it would be awesome.

  3. LOVE the details of the skin on this. fantastic design, Tom.