Friday, June 22, 2012

Zarafa Ruff Animation

PL0054T2 from Tom Caulfield on Vimeo.

1150TD from Tom Caulfield on Vimeo.

Hey everyone, hope your all keeping well. Recently the Movie Zarafa gt released on DVD and Blu ray. I just thought i would pass on a line test or two from some of the scenes i was lucky enough to be asked to animate.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The H Files

Finally, I'm able to reveal what i've been teasing in some of my recent posts.
It is with my absolute pleasure to introduce to you all, Lucha Dor (the  alien) P Nut (the not alien) and Daisy...(the cow)

Not to anti-climatic i hope...

The H Files is pretty special for me as its a t.v show that i have created, developed and designed over the course of many a late night and many a reckless days doodling. Whats even more exciting is the show is currently in development! Some very awesome people are now onboard to inject their stamp of awesomeness and together we hope to get a strong little t.v show together. The dynamics of the show are something i will elaborate upon in future posts as well as some concept stuff. Theres also many more characters to keep checking back. One other bit of good news, The show has just recently been selected to attend Cartoon Forum this September. How insane is that!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zarafa - Key poses

Heres some ruff key poses i done for a scene in Zarafa. The scene itself was animated elsewhere in the world. It was tough to begin with, as i tend to veer on the side of straight ahead animation. Leaving out chunks of ruff inbetweens was pretty tough but overall the process forced me to come at the scene with a different mind set. I'm very curious to see how it turned out.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gabi H2O

Hey Everyone, So the tease i've been teasing for the past week has been slightly held up. It has to be seen elsewhere before it can be seen here, so as a way of an apology i've posted up some work from a job i was on recently.
Through the awesome people at Nickelodeon I was asked to redesign the mascot for Gabi H2O
He was about to step into the digital world and needed a few slight changes. Above is the design that was finally chosen (there were plenty more concept designs which i will post at a later date) This design was then ushered on to get CG-ified

Not too shabby!
As well as character design I also done some images for the shooting script. They were very ruff partly due to the extremely tight there ever any other sort of deadline...

The shooting script in action.

Apologies again for the not being able to elaborate on the tease from the previous posts. I'm hoping next week for sure...Have a great day