Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The H Files

Finally, I'm able to reveal what i've been teasing in some of my recent posts.
It is with my absolute pleasure to introduce to you all, Lucha Dor (the  alien) P Nut (the not alien) and Daisy...(the cow)

Not to anti-climatic i hope...

The H Files is pretty special for me as its a t.v show that i have created, developed and designed over the course of many a late night and many a reckless days doodling. Whats even more exciting is the show is currently in development! Some very awesome people are now onboard to inject their stamp of awesomeness and together we hope to get a strong little t.v show together. The dynamics of the show are something i will elaborate upon in future posts as well as some concept stuff. Theres also many more characters to keep checking back. One other bit of good news, The show has just recently been selected to attend Cartoon Forum this September. How insane is that!


  1. Smashing stuff Tom! Looking forward to seeing how it develops!

  2. Great news Tom, best of luck with it!

  3. That's awesome man. Artwork looks great. I hope that all comes together for you.
    I think I'm just going to go break all my pencils and become a gardener. :-)

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  5. That's amazing Tom. Look forward toseeing more of this show in the future...Hope your keeping super well my man and your still smilin...Gill

  6. Hey Eimhin, Thanks a million for the kind words. Im mad interested how it will all develop myself. I'll keep you up to date though.
    Chris, Thank you as well for the wishes of luck. I think i'll need it. I'm bricking the whole Forum thing...
    Hey John thanks again for the fantastic comments and may heaven help you if you break any pencils and become a gardener i'll go mental at you, someone has to show us how this t.v show malarkey stuff is done.
    Hey Gill great to hear from you! I'm still smiling away. I hope your keeping mega well and doing your best to keep out of trouble ;) Thanks you for the really kind comments. I'll be posting some more stuff soon enough.

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment. Your all legend's!