Friday, June 1, 2012

Gabi H2O

Hey Everyone, So the tease i've been teasing for the past week has been slightly held up. It has to be seen elsewhere before it can be seen here, so as a way of an apology i've posted up some work from a job i was on recently.
Through the awesome people at Nickelodeon I was asked to redesign the mascot for Gabi H2O
He was about to step into the digital world and needed a few slight changes. Above is the design that was finally chosen (there were plenty more concept designs which i will post at a later date) This design was then ushered on to get CG-ified

Not too shabby!
As well as character design I also done some images for the shooting script. They were very ruff partly due to the extremely tight there ever any other sort of deadline...

The shooting script in action.

Apologies again for the not being able to elaborate on the tease from the previous posts. I'm hoping next week for sure...Have a great day


  1. Great work there Tom. Not that I expect anything else from your good self.

    All the best!

  2. Hey John, Man it's been a long long time! I hope Canada is treating you well. Thanks a mill for the great comment. It's so good to see your still creating some absolutely awesome artwork. The work your doing is fantastic and i cant wait to see more. Take care.

    1. Hey Tom. Thanks, man. Yeah I've been working away in TV animation world over here doing design and board, I don't animate anymore. Been enjoying seeing your work. You're a talented wee bugger :-)